Bespoke balancers

Bespoke balancers

Have you ever looked at the products on the market and thought, if I could take a bit of this one and a bit of that?  Well now you can

Not every horse fit’s into a box, equine nutrition is a complex business and every horse is an individual, they may all be horses but they live differently, are exercised differently and owners want different things from them, this is why main stream feeds and balancers often just don’t quite suit those needs.

This is where Equibalancer is different, we produce all our balancers in house at our own blending plant which means we can bespoke balancers to individual needs and requirements. Which means where a mainstream balancer doesn’t suit the needs we can combine ingredients to create a completely bespoke blend just for you.

We are changing the way to order your bespoke products as we are getting many requests for combinations that were not available in our old system. 

Bespoke products are exactly that and we have found that costumers need the ability to choose more freely what goes into their bland which may not be on the choices that we originally set up.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3 and need not cost the earth our bespoke balancers start at £40 for 1.5kg which will last 12 weeks for a pony or 6 weeks for a horse.

How to order?

  • For your first bespoke order you will need to call our team on 01740 619600, they will help you with your bespoke blend.
  • Once your order has been created your blend will be given a code
  • When you need to reorder click onto the bespoke page and scroll to find your code, then you can just click and order.

Alternatively you can ask the team to put your bespoke onto a subscription where you will receive your order automatically.