About Equibalancer



Equibalancer is a family owned business producing new generation multifunctioning feed balancers manufactured without the use of fillers and bulking ingredients including, Wheat feed, Oat feed, Alfalfa and Soya.

All balancers are a super concentrated palatable powder eliminating the need for added molasses our low sugar and low starch formulas are suitable for special and complex dietary needs.

Equibalancer has been developed with the backing of knowledge from a life time working with and competing horses and ponies through various disciplines, this knowledge enables us to fully understand the nutrition required to maintain optimum health and welfare. 

Our products are formulated using the latest nutritional research and innovation, and we will never compromise on quality. 

Our balancers and supplements are manufactured at our own blending facility in County Durham by our dedicated technical team and we only use the very best ingredients from our approved and trusted suppliers.

We do not use cereals, cereal fibres, soya, molasses, or alfalfa in our products because some horses can have a negative reaction to these common ingredients found in most other commercial horse feeds and balancers, we also do not use bulking agents, binders or fillers in our products because Equibalancer products are a concentrate of only pure active ingredients formulated to support your horse. 

Our passion at Equibalancer is to provide you with the optimum nutrition, that will give you world class products that make a difference and help your horse perform and live its best and healthiest life. 

We believe in keeping feeding simple, affordable, and high quality.