Naturally occuring prohibited substances policy Safe Equine Sport Procedure

Naturally occurring prohibited substances policy

At we take your sport seriously and have put in place a comprehensive approach to feed safety to help reduce the risk of disqualification because of the presence of naturally occurring prohibited substances.

All raw materials entering our blending room come from trusted suppliers with the very highest standards and our dedicated technical team have undergone rigorous training to ensure they maintain the highest levels of feed safety and security. Materials that are not on our strict ingredient list are not allowed into our controlled clean and secure feed preparation zone.

We keep a retained sample of every batch of feed we blend with its own unique identification code for 365 days allowing us to trace every product we sell and as we only supply direct to horse owners, we can trace every tub and pouch sold direct to your feed room.

By not selling through shops, we further reduce the chance of contamination as does not travel through multiple distributors and retailers before it gets to your feed room.

Thanks to our unique formulation products do not contain any non-essential ingredients and fillers so further reducing the likelihood of our feeds containing prohibited substances.

For customers using our products for horses competing under the rules of racing or high-level sport we are now working with one of the UKs top testing laboratories to further guarantee our commitment to safe equine sport free of naturally occurring prohibited substances.

Thanks to all our procedures and commitment to high quality and our natural simple approach to nutrition you can feed with total confidence.


Tammy Britton Director of Nutrition