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A complementary feed for horses and ponies combining a comprehensive balancer with the additional nutrients required for a calmer combined into one easy to feed balanced product.


An ideal addition to the diet of horses who are affected by stress and anxiety, a complete balanced vitamin and mineral supplement rich in magnesium lysine and B vitamins that help to maintain a calm and settled attitude whatever the situation.

So calm enables horses to cope more effectively with stressful situations without compromising performance, it can improve concentration and reduce spooky and sharpness and make training and focus much easier.

So Calm does not need to be front loaded it is a simple single scoop supplement however daily ration can be increased to two scoops per day in stressful situations such as competition, travelling or moving yards.

As horses who show outward signs of stress are often more prone to digestive problems and ulcers, the unique formula in So calm uses a combination of calcium carbonate, enzymes and gut supporting  pre and probiotics to assist improved absorption of nutrients and protect the hind gut.

Recommended feeding rate: Ponies under 400kg 1 scoop (20g) per day, for ponies over 400kg and horses 2 scoops (40g) per day


Equibalancer Vitamin and mineral base mix, Micronised linseed meal, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, pre and Pro biotics, Chelated Magnesium

Typical composition of Equibalancers Base mix:    Calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, calcium salts, di-calcium phosphate

Calcium 12.18%, Magnesium 0.56%, Sodium 4.91%, Phosphorus 1.13%, Selenium 30mg/kg

Vitamins – Vitamin A 500000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 100000iu/kg, Vitamin E 2000iu/kg, Vitamin B2 350mg/kg, Vitamin B6 100mg/kg, Vitamin B12 750mcg/kg, Biotin 133333mcg/kg, Calcium-D-pantothenate 500mg/kg, Niacin 125mg/kg, Choline chloride 500mg/kg

Trace Elements – Cobalt carbonate 90mg/kg, Iron 1000mg/kg, Iodine 472mg/kg, Manganese 4032mg/kg, Selinium 66.7mg/kg, Zinc 11111mg/kg

Micro-organisms – Saccharomyces cerevisiae 23 10 9CFU kg Antioxidants - Butylated Hydroxtolene 6mg/kg and Propyl Gallate 3mg/kg

So Calm instant is a transdermal magnesium supplement, which is simple to use by either spraying direct to the head behind the ears or spray onto your hand then apply to the forehead or top of neck. This is absorbed through the skin and directly into the blood vessels to the brain making it quickly effective, it can also be reapplied easily at regular intervals with no side effects, So Calm products contain no ingredients that will contravene FEI rules

Transdermal supplementation – Transdermal is the application of a product to the skin as a topical dressing, which is then absorbed directly into the blood stream skipping the digestive track, the advantages of this being the speed in which it can work usually within 5 minutes and reapplication is simple and effective, although these are relatively new to the market much research has been carried out into the uses and effectiveness.

Composition – Ionised Water, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide