Introducing ProVet

We are delighted to launch ProVet which is an advanced range of products developed by the team at Equibalancer for distribution through leading veterinary practices.

ProVet uses the most advanced ingredients available in a highly concentrated form, the powdered blends are palatable and easy to feed, they are all competition legal and contain no prohibited substances under FEI or Horse Racing Rules.

All products are developed using the latest scientific research from the UK and USA with the range evolving based on these findings, being concentrated and free from fillers our products are fed in a small quantity (20-50g per day) and easily mixes with the daily ration.

Being Free From all Cereals or cereal by products, Alfalfa or grass meal, GM ingredients including soya and molasses and only containing naturally occurring sugar and starch the range shows very low levels (all products under 5% combined sugar and starch) making them suitable for horses with special dietary requirements.

More details of the range are available on our website and a list of suppliers will be available in the coming few days, if you would like more information on the products, becoming a partner practice or purchasing from the ProVet range then please contact a member of the office team who will be happy to help.