Announcing Equibalancer’s first Brand blogger

So, let us introduce ourselves! We are @acobisforlife and it all started back in 2013 when Louise Brockwell met Jasmine Van Het Hooghe Feld – you could say it was love at first site, that’s where the dream came alive for Louise and we haven’t really stopped growing. 

Three generations of Brockwell are now horse mad and are the proud owners of 7 beautiful cobs. The hairier the better although with Jasmine and The Wolf being native, we have to control ourselves around the clippers.  We have been lucky enough to enter the team into dressage, in hand showing, a variety of fun hacks and being fortunate enough for our youngest member to take her first lesson on Hermits Pride (aka Hermy). 

Jasmine Van Het Hooghe Feld – we couldn’t really start anywhere else.  She is an absolute machine, the largest of our cobs and number one in Louise’s eyes (don’t let the others hear that!). She has had many wins at County level, she has competed in @british_dressage at novice level and a highlight for us was her win at @royalwindsorhorseshow in 2019. 


The Wolf – where to start, Louise bought The Wolf in 2016, he had originally been purchased from Ireland where he was spotted by Luke O’Connor tied up amongst farm machinery at a sale. He has the most amazing character, will happily tow you around the field when the mood takes him but equally happy for our junior jockey to groom him. He has been known to visit our office on the odd occasion and simply takes it all in his stride. His most favourite treat is a whole banana! 


Rose – we have recently found out that ours is Rose’s 10th home, thank goodness its her forever home.  Lydia has taken her under her wing with some in hand showing, taking a 1st at Notts and Derby recently. She is an absolutely stunning mare, all the junk in all the right places.  We are very lucky to have her filly with us, Annie, she is a carbon copy of her Mother and we cantwait to see what’s in store for the pair in 2022!

SD Eliza – I mean, what can we really say about an SD Cob that hasn’t already been said. They really are #supercobs in every sense of the word. SD Eliza, aka Elma, is our tiny dancer, her championship @british_dressage win at the @TGCA made our hearts sing. Cant wait to see what next year brings – watch this space. 


Hermits Pride – known to us as Hermy, he is the pony of a lifetime. Not only can he turn his hand to being the greatest showman (2nd place at Notts and Derby last weekend) he is also the proud ride to our junior jockey. He loves his food, a bath, his grass and his pampers – meek and mild in the arena, red rum on a hack. We recently took him and Rose on a beach day, they were absolutely golden and totally unfazed, cant wait to do it again. 

Big Lil – last but by no means least, everything a proper cob should be, dripping in silky feather and plenty of mane and tail, a rare find at 15-2. She is Lydia’s shadow, Louise purchased Lil for Lydia having seen how much she enjoyed her time with the horses, its been amazing to watch the bond grow, keep an eye on these two, I think there are ‘big’ things to come. 


And that’s more than enough about us, we cant wait to share our journey with you and its such an honour to work with #equibalancer as a Brand Blogger, we are passionate about sharing our journey and working with small, family run businesses is what we are all about. Sometimes it can be a minefield out there trying to work out what is best for your horse, I think if you see results and find information from trusted providers then its half the battle. We swear by ‘show and glow’, our horses love it and the difference in turn out is phenomenal. We have used the balancer for over two years, and the proof is in the pudding as they say,

The Wolf has his ticket to @hoysofficial and we are hoping Jasmine will be joining him soon. As the performance for the horses ramps up, we are looking to explore perform and recovery balancer, we will keep you posted on how we go with it – only the best for our cobs!

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