Feeding Equibalancer's M&S formula

Feeding Equibalancer’s M&S Formula

M&S Formula is a complete balancer that has been specifically developed for horses and ponies that suffer from Mallenders or Sallenders, it provides all the essential nutrients without fillers, bulking agents, cereals, alfalfa or sugars. M&S formula is biotin free and simply fed with a handful of chaff or grass nuts for those not necessarily on a hard food ration.

M&S formula is not a magic cure (there is not one) it forms part of the jigsaw to help reduce the severity of the condition, reduce the regularity of break outs and help to calm flare ups when they occur.

We always recommend the adoption of other changes to the horse’s diet which include where possible eliminate the intake of Biotin and Alfalfa (its high in natural occurring biotin), Biotin is often hidden in compound feeds (mixes and cubes) as they often contain  added vitamins and minerals without stating exactly which on the packaging. Its very much trial as what suits one may not necessarily work for another, the success rate for Equibalancer M&S Formula averages 92% (according to latest research)

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  • I have been using this formula for a number of years and also use the cream when there are flare ups. Cannot fault it! Thankyou

    Victoria Bennett

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