Biotin Free Stud And Youngstock Formula
Biotin Free Stud And Youngstock Formula

Biotin Free Stud And Youngstock Formula

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A complementary feed for horses and ponies combining a comprehensive balancer with the additional nutrients required for growing youngstock and breeding into one easy to feed balanced product. The Biotin Free range are suitable for native, traditional and cob types who may be susceptible to mallanders and require a biotin free diet

Specifically formulated for the nutritional requirements of Stallions, brood mares and youngstock, providing the essential nutrient rich building blocks for strong growth, being free from Cereals and their by- products, Alfalfa, Molasses and GM soya allows the necessary  nutrients maximum availability.

High in omega oils from micronized linseed  meal are essential for the support of tissue    integrity and to promote healthy skin and coat. Being low in starch and sugars this formula is  the prefect supplement for growing horses and ponies, working stallions and in foal mares.

Combined with a high fibre diet Stud formula aids correct muscle and tissue development,  promoting safe growth rates without excessive weight gain. Its balanced formula has been specifically designed to support correct skeletal development and tissue integrity as well as the immune    system and general health.

Recommended feeding rate (based on expected mature weight): Ponies under 400kg 1 scoop (20g) per day, for ponies over 400kg and horses 2 scoops (40g) per day


Equibalancer vitamin and mineral base mix, Micronised linseed meal,  Calcium Carbonate, Pre & Probiotics

Typical composition of Equibalancers Base mix:                                                                                    Calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, calcium salts, fish oil, di-calcium phosphate

Calcium 12.18%, Magnesium 0.56%, Sodium 4.91%, Phosphorus 1.13%, Selenium 30mg/kg

Vitamins – Vitamin A 500000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 100000iu/kg, Vitamin E 2000iu/kg, Vitamin B2 350mg/kg, Vitamin B6 100mg/kg, Vitamin B12 750mcg/kg, Calcium-D-pantothenate 500mg/kg, Niacin 125mg/kg, Choline chloride 500mg/kg


Trace Elements – Cobalt carbonate 90mg/kg, Iron 1000mg/kg, Iodine 472mg/kg, Manganese 4032mg/kg, Selinium 66.7mg/kg, Zinc 11111mg/kg

Micro-organisms – Saccharomyces cerevisiae 23 10̂ ̂ 9CFU/kg                                                                                     Anitoxidants – Butylated Hydroxtolene 6mg/kg and Propyl Gallate 3mg/kg